Your monthly fee is very reasonable at Rp. 700,000. in the ProBall Mastery (outside the School Camps which are registered under the schools themselves) and the one time joining fee of Rp. 1.000.000,- includes each player’s joining pack, their White Level uniform and eventually, once they have passed the first skill levels, their second uniform of Yellow Level (and the other Level are charged at manufacturer’s price for the uniforms).  The administrative and registration costs are included in this one time fee as well.  We have excellent offers for any members who wish to pay 6 months or 1 year in advance for those interested in taking advantage of those rates.


The procedure is that players take the Free Trial first and then when they want to sign-up, they choose a Camps location and a weekly training time that they commit to at the beginning of each month.  They can change Camps and time slots if they desire at any time.  Then, additionally, any of our players are welcome to train more than once a week as well if they prefer (many do) and Rodney, our Head of Administration, has Bonus Session PunchCards (10 sessions for the cost of 8) available for anybody who wishes to do so which allows them to go to any Camps and train at anytime that a session is in.  The amount of time that each youngster puts into his/her training using this system will multiply exponentially as we help develop and refine them into an excell ent athletes.   We guarantee this as well.  We take joy in their progress.’