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Proball Football is a Football Academy based in North Jakarta. Launched in 2019, we cater to the level of each player, from first-timers to those of professional standard. Everyone between the ages of 5 and 16 are welcome to join our academy and grow together with us. We are always enthusiastic to impart our knowledge and skills of the sport to our players. With a safe training environment, Proball Football promises to create a lasting impact filled with exciting memories!

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Proball Football aims to become the pioneer of football in Indonesia. We are dedicated to guiding our players towards a successful, professional career. At our academy, we focus on creating a unified culture which promotes critical life lessons and respect for the sport. Here’s to building upon the foundation of today’s football youth in the best way possible!


Proball Football offers structured, well-designed programs to reap the best potential out of our players. Apart from nurturing young talents of the sport, the coaches instill core values to our players from a young age, such as sportsmanship, discipline and respect. Eventually, these values become the heart of every player’s success. We continually engage with our players to guide them in the right direction.


Our weekly sessions are conducted on Sunday mornings from 8-10 a.m. at Beacon Academy. Each session is 2 hours of top-notch training

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ProBall – We Also Focus On Life Skills !

We demand that the player play within the rules at all times. The system is based on the development of each and every player and that includes the fellow ProBall athletes who end up as our opponents.

This quality is related to fairness. We gladly allow our opponet his ball when we are the one who putt the ball out of bouds for exmaple. We want to always compete within the rules.

We respect and encourage the development of every single member around us as they too are learning and progressing just as we are doing within the same system.

We persist in mastering each and every challeng. We never give up. We persist until we succed.

The DNA of ProBall football is to develop quick-thinking players through small-sided games while still adapting the “Filanesia” philosophy of PSSI for youth.

The ProBall way serves as a Platform for players to experience positive and challenging activities to prepare them for adulthood.

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